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  1. Digital Thermo Hygrometer Blue-H-B-THIE - Bluetooth, Wireless, Online from MIIGO ONLINE LLP

    Digital Thermo hygrometer BLUE-H-B-THIE represents Bluetooth enabled 4 channel IN-OUT Programmable Thermo Hygrometer with 60 days MAX-MIN-AVG statistical memory, up to 15 alarm logs, unmatched accuracy of 2% RH, 0.3 C with a 14bit resolution of 0.01 for both internal and external humidity temperature sensor. External humidity temperature sensor comes with 1-meter cable.5 years warranty, Multipoint Calibration and Drift Adjustment feature make this Bluetooth Thermo Hygrometer unique in the hygrometer segment. About 15+ additional value added functions can be performed via "MIIG Blue" Mobile Applications.The open secret with this model is, even though it's a digital thermo hygrometer, but users can monitor online data and alarms in the "MIIG-BLUE"mobile application. Statistical data and alarm logged data can be downloaded via this application.It comes with Battery, Manufacturer's Standard Calibration Certificate, and 5 years warranty.Accessories: Options are available to add 5VDC USB power adapter, extended sensors for mild dust application, magnetic ring for screwless mounting, external antenna for long range online data advertisement to Mobile App.WHAT IS UNIQUE WITH MODEL BLUE-H-B-THIE DIGITAL THERMO HYGROMETER FROM MIIGO ?5 years warranty.4 Channel IN-OUT Digital Thermo Hygrometer.Multipoint calibration and drift adjustment feature.Online Thermo Hygrometer i.e Online data streaming and alarm streaming via Mobile App within vicinity of Bluetooth range.Big display with premium accuracy of 2% RH, 0.3 C for internal sensors with a 14 bit resolution of 0.01 for both parameters.Includes 1 no external %rh-temp sensor with 1 meter cable and having an accuracy of 2% RH and 14 bit resolution of 0.01.15+ programming features to make the display and parameter setting or alarm selection as per the requirement from the process side.Real Time clock shows precise date and time.Audible + Visual Alarm with Judgement Time.It also logs upto 15 alarm points with date and time stamp in FIFO method, which can be downloaded via mobile application "MIIG-BLUE".Up to 60 days Max-Min-Avg data storing with date and time stamp and statistical data can be downloaded via mobile application MIIG-BLUE.Based on the criticality of the application, users may select 2 nos AAA battery / 3 VDC CR2 Battery / 3.6 VDC AA battery for achieving longer life and continuous operation.Optional power adapter for uninterrupted operation.Optional extended sensors for mild dust application.Optional magnetic ring for screwless wall mounting.Optional external antenna for long range data advertisement and so on.Product details Material ABS PLASTIC Model Name/Number BLUE-H-B-THIE Accuracy+- 1.8% RH, +- 0.3 DegreeC for internal/external humidity temperature sensor Usage/Application Industrial, Cold Storage, Freezers, Warehouses, Pharmaceuticals, Server Rooms, Greenhouse, Automobil Temperature Range Internal: 0 to 60 DegreeC,External: -40 to 150 DegreeC Weight 100gms Display 4 Channel large LCD display Dimension 71(H) X 87(W) X 21 (D) ( with wall mounting kit 27mm )Humidity 0-100%Item Code BLUE-H-B-THIE Features Bluetooth enabled 4 Channel Programmable Digital Thermo Hygrometer Brand MIIGO Battery Included Yes Battery Required Yes Design Square Feature BLUETOOTH PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL THERMO HYGROMETER WITH MEMORY CALIBRATION AND DRIFT ADJUSTMENT Power Supply 5VDC Power Adapter Product Weight 100gms Resolution 14bit resolution of 0.01 Country of Origin Made in India
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